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We have meet and exceed our given parish Diocesan Appeal Goal. We are on to reaching our Parish Challenge Goal of $27,766

Thank you to everyone that has supported the 2020/21 Diocesan Appeal!  To date we have raised $24,475.00 our goal was $23,138.

Dear Donors, 

From the goodness of the Lord God we receive every grace and blessing. All that we are and all that we have comes to us by means of his loving Providence. As disciples of Jesus, in response to his generosity, we joyfully cultivate the gifts we have received, so that we might bear much fruit. 

In simple words, to cultivate is to attend to something. To cultivate the earth is to till it, so that what is planted might yield an even greater harvest. In a similar way, to cultivate the gift of faith that we received at our baptism is to attend to it so that our faith might increase and yield a great harvest. 

The Focus of our 2020/21 Diocesan Appeal is the invitation to cultivate our faith, using the gifts, talents, and resources the lord has given each of us personally. By cultivating what we have received from the Lord, we are able to contribute to the well-being of others, we are able to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Please join me in this "cultivating" work of the Church with your support for the 2020/21 Diocesan Appeal. Together, with grateful hearts for all that we have receive, let us cultivate what the Lord has given us, for this glory and the care of our brothers and sisters. 

Yours in Christ, 

Most Reverend Joseph Hanefeldt Bishop of Grand Island

If you have any questions pleace contact: Fr. Konka 754-4649, Deacon Neil 571-0291, Marie or Michelle at the parish office 754-4002 or the Kory or Amy at the Diocese of Grand Island 382-6565. 

 The Bishop's Circle  

Bishop Hanefeldt invites you to join the Bishop's Diocesan Appeal Circle. By making a gift/pledage from teh list below you are standing alongside Bishop Hanefedlt and the Chancery office as we continue building the church and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ across our great Diocese. 

Diocesan Appeal Giving Level

Custodian of the Plains             $20-249

Ambassador of the Platte          $250-499

Sower of Hope                           $500-999

Cultivator of Faith                      $1,000-2499

Harvester of Charity                   $2,500-4,999

Guardian of the Herd                 $5,000-9,999

Protector of the Rock               $10,000-49,999

Centurion of the Island                $50,000 or Greater 

 Where to send your donation  

Mail your check to the Parish Office (713 Elm Street, St. Paul, NE 68873)  Please note that all checks need to be made payable to the Diocesan Appeal. 

Mail your check to the Diocese of Grand Island Office (2708 Old Fair Road, Grand Island, NE 68803) Please not that all checks need to be made payable to the Diocesan Appeal 

Click on the Link below to Give Online

Go to our Parish App under the Giving icon 

 Who Benefits From the Diocesan Appeal  

Seminary Formation 

 Youth & Young Adult/Higher Ground 

Hispanic Ministry 

International Priest Program 

Newman Centers-UNK & Chadron State College 

Permanent Diaconate 

Retired Priest Medical Insurance  

Office Stewardship & Development 

West Nebraska Catholic


Faith Formation & Evangelization 

 Parish Goals 

Sts. Peter and Paul- St. Paul 

Challenge Goal $27,766.

Goal: $23,138.00

Total Raised: $24,495.

Total Received: $23,940.

Parish Donor Goal: 95

Current Donor Goal:92

% Towards Goal: 100%

%Towards Challenge Goal: 89% 

St. Joesph Church - Elba 

Parish Goal $2,431.00

Parish Donor Goal: 11

Parish Challenge Goal: $2,917

Total Raised: $1,730.00

Total Received: $1,730.00

Current Donor Goal: 6

St. Anthony's Church in Farwell 

Parish Goal   $3,560.00

Parish Donor Goal: 15

Parish Challenge Goal: $4,272

Total Raised: $2,250.00

Total Received: $2,250.00

Current Donor Goal: 11

Serving Jesus
Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
713 Elm St. | St. Paul, NE 68873 | PH: (308) 754-4002