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What do The Sts. Peter and Paul Quilters Do?

We made a quilt for the Fall Bazaar. It's usually all handmade, embroidered and hand quilted. We do a FIsh Fry quilt each year also. We make baby quilts that we sell at the bazaar and any time someone wans one. 

We do land quilting for anyone who as a quilt they want quilted. This is where we make most of our money. Most of the materials we donate oursleves or get from others. Our Tuesday afternoons are special time for us, like the old quilting bees. we all will do anything for each other anytime someone needs help. A bonus is we have money to donate to the church. If you would like to look at and purchase a quilt from the quilters please stop by the quilting room at the Parish Hall. 

Hand Quilting Lessons 

If you are instered in learning how to hand quilt please contact Pat Kuchta 308-754-7863 or Marilyn Schmaljohn 308-754-5534. 

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